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Previously ACTA was only done at IAL, NTUClearning hub, Sigma Solutions, CBLT?

In the recent months there have been lots of changes to ACTA as well as where ACTA is being conducted. First ACTA is only being done at IAL. Yes thats right all the other ACTA providers are not providing ACTA training anymore. They are now not doing ACTA new version at all. The only place to do ACTA is the WDA IAL.

More changes to ACTA. New its ACTA version 5

Basically in the past you can do modules of ACTA. ie ACTA module 6 first before you do ACTA module 3 or then do ACTA module 2 and so on. You chose your time and pace for ACTA and the ACTA training. On top of that you could do ACTA module 1 at NTUC and ACTA module 4 at Sigma. Now with the new changes to ACTA you must and can only do ACTA modules 1-6 in order. And you can only do ACTA at IAL. Seems like a good monopoly?

Anyway there are also lots happening with Training and Assessment in Singapore. Did you know that ACTA was first brought in from Australia some 10 odd years ago? Yes the first batchs of ACTA were only 4 modules and you could be a developer, facillitator and assessor. Now with the new changes in ACTA in Singapore you can only facilitate and assess.

Also with the growing/greying population lots more people are taking up training and assessment as part time work. Thus more people are becoming speakers, trainers and assessors. Most are taking up ACTA just incase they switch careers to to make more money at the side. Good idea but now with the changes in ACTA not only is it longer but also more expensive

Why not take the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and then convert over to the ACTA?

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