ACTA Version 5

ACTA Version 5

You want to be a registered Trainer? You want to get ACTA qualified first. Whats ACTA you ask. ACTA is the Advanced Certificate in Training Assessment. You need ACTA if you want to be registered as a Trainer. However most people don’t know that there are different courses other than ACTA. Theres the Certificate IV Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE. But lets talk about ACTA first

ACTA has gone through lots of changes since it got introduced about 10 years ago. From the first version of ACTA with only 4 modules to the current ACTA version 4 with 6 modules and now the new ACTA Version 5. So whats the difference between ACTA version 4 and ACTA version 5? Not much has changed from ACTA version 4 and ACTA version 5. Except the ACTA Version 5 seems to be inflexible. What do we mean by ACTA Version 5 not flexible. In the past before the ACTA version 5, the other modules can be taken in any order that you want. You could take CU2 then CU5 then CU1 then CU3 and CU4 and finally CU6. But now the new ACTA version 5 seems to be rigid that you must complete the CU1-CU6 in one go. How will this ACTA Version 5 help students? We wont know how the ACTA Version 5 will pan out, but those that have not completed the Full ACTA prior to the launch of ACTA version 5 will need to retake all the CUs in the new ACTA Version 5

Alternatives? Then the Australian Cert IV in Training and Assessment TAE (Cert IV TAE) is a more ideal choice for you to get registered as a trainer.

ACTA in Singapore is only offered by a few companies and we are not competing with them for the ACTA qualifications. Currently you can take the Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE and do a “top up” with CU1 to get the complete ACTA.

Even if you have already gotten the ACTA or even DACE, the Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Cert IV TAE is the next course for you. To be deemed a competent trainer in Australia, you need the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Cert IV TAE.

Come join us for the next run of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE

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So how does this Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE (course for trainers) benefit you?

It’s a competency-based training that focuses on equipping you with the competencies to perform specific job tasks.

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Cert IV TAE (course for trainers) course equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge to take on the roles of a curriculum developer, assessment developer, classroom trainer and/or assessor. It will also help to enhance your skills as an in-house trainer/ training coordinator/training manager to develop and deliver on-the-job training programs and conduct assessments for the organization.

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Simply Safety is a Singapore international center for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We conduct courses accredited by NEBOSH and other courses such as OGSC FPSO Courses, WDA courses, MOM Accredited Courses, Australian Cert IV (Australian ACTA),online international certificate courses as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs.

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