Be a freelance Trainer

Before launching your first course, you will have A TON of self-doubt about everything from the quality of the content to the training delivery to the audience. You will probably be asking if you can make money out of this or if you can make training a career or even if you can earn or recoop your training costs. Because of these doubts many trainers and aspiring trainers either delay their launch into the training world or decide not to pursue training as a career or even training as a side line. You just have to do it. Just have to force yourself to start training and be a trainer. Most current trainers will always share that training and going into the training arena has been the best decision for them. 

Michael Lim “I’m glad I took up the training courses to enable me to train. But more importantly I can deliver training make an impact and still get paid.

Currently in Singapore there is the ACTA Advanced Certificate in Training Assessment conducted by IAL Institute of Adult Learning but it is not the end all and be all of training. It does provide some subsidies to trainers and aspiring trainers but not for non singaporeans. Non Singaporeans have to pay the full fees of over $4000!


The duration for ACTA is also not short. It takes time and effort to complete the ACTA trainers journey. In fact many ACTA enrolees complain about the length of time as well as the home work or assignments needed to complete the ACTA training. 


There are alternatives for serious individuals. Like the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or the Cert IV TAE for short. 

Many of those that have taken the Cert IV have moved on to a training career and even more importantly they have even been exempted from 5 out of the 6 modules of ACTA. 


So what are you waiting for?