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Singapore is a great country with a great number of rules. Most are good. However people have become blind to what is really out there. 

Singapore is just a small country with limited resources. Some 10 years ago Singapore Workforce Development Agency WDA developed the Workforce Skills Qualifications WSQ to help train Singapore employees for specific jobs. The idea is great, execution needs work. 

Training for work should be based on the job scopes and clear job definitions. ie What the person is supposed to be able to do once he/she has learnt and is deemed competent. You cant teach a person to swim in a classroom. So with that you cant expect to teach an adult how to operate an equipment in a classroom. It has to be practical, real, workplace training.

The ACTA course has been running for over 10 years now and the results are in. You can see for yourself.

What we need is something to equip the workplace trainers, facilitators and assessor to 

– Do a training needs analysis

– select and pick up the training materials or the training curriculum that is needed and if need be, add on to contextualise

– Delelop lesson plans and training materials to get the participants to the end goal (be able to perform)

– Deliver and facilitate the training

– Participate in the assessment validations and assessment designs

– Assess the candidates for the performance

All that is what workplace training is supposed to be about. This is what true workplace training and personnel development is about. 

So that people with ACTA or Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment- can go out to the companies and select the right training for the candidates, deliver the training and assess the training

Is that happening with the current ACTA programs? How good are the ACTA certified trainers? How competent are the ACTA certified trainers? How much time did these ACTA candidates spend in the classroom and has the ACTA course actually prepared them to be good trainers or facilitators and assessors? You be the judge of that yourself. 

Have you gone for any form of training? How was the training? Was the person already a trainer/facilitator before he/she went for the ACTA course? How did they perform? Or where they only trainers and facilitators after they attended the ACTA training?

Personnally I have seen trainers who turned up totally unprepared. They had no laptop. They didnt bother to read the trainer guides or the training materials passed to them even though they were being paid. On the day of the class they didnt even know what to do but decided to read off the slides. Is this the quality of ACTA trainers we want? Is this the quality of trainers and facilitators we want?

I have also seen trainers who sit on the chair with their backs facing the candidates or the audience reading the slides and clicking the mouse. Is this the quality of people we want to train us? But they do have ACTA.

Then lets talk about assessors. Are they really assessing workplacce training or just ticking the box? Do they read the assessment materials and the assessment plan?

Maybe the idea of WDA WSQ ACTA was really good, but it can always be better. ACTA isnt the one couse that can allow you to be trainers, facilitators or assessors.

There are other courses that lead to exemptions of ACTA. City and Guilds is one of them. And our favourite is actually the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Education. Cert IV TAE in short. 

Cert IV TAE allows you to convert to ACTA by  just doing one module the M4. ACTA M4 module is only a 1 day course. After doing the ACTA M4, you can convert to the full ACTA. That means you have the international and Australian certification of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Education Cert IV TAE and ACTA from Singapore WDA WSQ

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