Why do People Hate Singapore? An article that was recently published

Recently Theodore Shawcross who calls himself a “foreign talent” (we dont label people) wrote an article that hit home. In his article he described Singapore as the closest thing you can get to a near perfectly run country. Do you agree with this statement?

Shawcross wrote that Singaporeans admired all the freedom, welfare and the quality of life from the Scandinavian countries as well as US and UK. His article touched on the common gripes of Singaporeans such as the lack of freedom of speech, the high cost of cars and the high cost of living. Shawcross commented and praised Singapore for its efforts to address such issues. However there were a number of areas that need improvement. 

Shawcross said “People need to understand one thing, if you want to demand the government to do something about your problems, please make sure you’ve done enough academic research about whether or not your problems are essential problems, or are they problems that are just characteristic of a modern metropolitan city, for if they are, there’s really no solution to many of those problems,”

Having grown up in England, studied in US for his PhD and now raising his family in Singapore, Shawcross had this to say “It gives me great pride to say that I could somehow travel 10 years back in time to that moment I made this decision to move to Singapore with my wife and 5 month old boy, I will choose Singapore again in a heartbeat.”

Its true that Singapore is a safe country and allows children to grow up in safety andd receive world class education. There is little violence and disorder. There are many talented people both Singaporeans and non Singaporeans. Singaporeans do accept people of different races and religions. It is fragile and thus needs to be protected. Shawcross touched on the fact that Amos Yee was seemingly procecuted based on his little video and that it seems more young Singaporeans are becoming enchanted with this western ideas of freedom. 

What do other Singaporeans have to say? What do non Singaporeans have to say about Singapore?