Workplace Training Assessment- Singapore has changed

Singapore is changing. We have come a long way and things are still changing. And it should start with HR Human Resource experts and HR Human Resource specialists. Not only should HR personnel develop job descriptions as we all know. In fact they should do through needs analysis and understand what the company or companies require their personnel to do on a day to day basis much like a operational factory and what to do incase something goes a little off. Writing a one paragraph job description like the following

Job Description

  • Assisting with data entry, compilation, as well as client and underwriter document generation and dispatch.
  •  Performing the follow duties on a daily basis Assisting the various Brokers to input the required information regarding insurance placements and endorsements/addenda as well as client details onto computer system (or equivalent software package)
  • Responsible for timely delivery of billing and policy documents
  • Undertake any other duties as may be assigned
  • Generation of reports
  • Management reporting
  • Ensuring all information entered is accurate and complete, and all required documents received from Brokers, such as cover notes and closing slips.Generating and compiling the required documents required to be sent to clients and underwriters, such as credit/debit notes, cover notes, closing slips and account statements.
  • Dispatch of relevant documents to clients and underwriters including packaging into envelopes and addressing them.
  • Working with the Accounts department as necessary to ensure payments are made and received promptly. 
  • Have WPLN level 5
  • Have WDA WSQ courses in administration
  • Have relevant certificate in training from a CET
  • Have ACTA

Is only good for the adverts in the newspapers. However the employee doesn’t really know what to do or what to expect. In fact there should be well written job desciptions, job skills and job task for the employee to be trained to. Then one can go about setting KPIs. SMEs are at a loss. Its expensive to hire good people to grow their company. Look at all the international companies the MNCs, they have been around for decades or centuries- they have systems and procedures in place. When they hire they hire right and then they take the time to train the person to the job. They embrace workplace learning and adult learning to assist their own companies. It probably was a costly and timely effort. Our SMEs only have consultants with consultant toolkit and standard forms that they literally sell to SMEs under the guise of productivity and innovation or PIC claims. Whereas the MNCs believe in continuing education training of professionals as well as adult continuing education not only to help the person but ultimately to help the company. A competent employee with huge competency skills can do more than a few untrained and not so competent staff who do not know what exactly they need to do. Think about the F1 pit crew who can change 4 tires in less than 3 seconds versus a normal person who takes 20-30 minutes. The F1 crew takes adult learning and practice to another level. They set KPIS and look at behaviour indicators. They look at competency training not just training. Some consultants in Singapore care only about using the innovation fund or PIC fund

Adult education and adult learning in the digital age is different. We learn things differently now. With technology and elearning making things easier. Life long learning courses for individuals to grow. Remember the Maslows hieracy of needs, at one stage people need to grow once they are stable in their careers. Hence the human resource development is critical. How much time do MNCs spend on in house training or e-elearning programme to educate their employees or put their employee training to use. How much time do SME spend on employee training? Of course MNCs even have learning training and development departments not just human resources. And some human resource departments in SMEs just do payroll and leave management or arrange for WDA WSQ courses. They send people for training without looking at training roi, this is not training management. This is not manpower development. Logging into Skillsconnect or Skills future to claim grants and funds is not growing your workforce or workforce development


We need to be training for competencies and training for productivity not just training for training. Yes Singapore has adult educators (not what some people think) but adults and trainers who have gone for train the trainer courses or the ACTA advanced certificate in training and assessment and received their advanced certificate or even the DACE and done the diploma adult education or diploma courses. These adult educators may belong to adult education networks AEN but seem not to be sharing information or upgrading themselves for learning through lifelong learning courses. Some of these traditional professional trainer may not understand learning training and development, concepts like mind-mapping, tools for re-imagining learning for learrners, training administration, design e-learning, or facilitate e-learning. They may not understand workbased learning (yes that’s true- they think they can teach one to swim with powerpoint slides) or visual facilitation or transformational learning. Adults are different we need stimuli. We have our own dreams and aspirations. Teach us something we can apply immediately not have to figure out when and how to use it on our own.

We need to grow our PMET. We don’t need to carry our research and publications to understand that powerpoint slides don’t help. We don’t need to run 2 day adult learning symposium on slide colors or wordings. We do need to develop business solutions, continuous professional development, continuous education training, competencies training, better curriculum design that enhance the workforce learning and leads to capability building. We need learning and training to be be the spark catalysing innovation in Singapore. Changing the Singapore Workforce. Making Singapore a hub of innovation. Where we carry out leading research on learning and really be the national center of excellence. IAl institute for Adult learning was a good start but it needs to move further than that. We focus on WSQ qualifications, WPLN, WSQ Courses

And fortunately we don’t.

We need our CET Professionals, our Professionals, Managers,

We need to take create special interest groups. Do our Adult Educators that WDA has created wish to embrace courses such as


Intellectual Property for Adult Education where current trainers just plagiarise other professional’s materials and slap on a new name. Infact some of them even produce photos that were taken in the original training. Do they upgrade to Master of Arts in Lifelong Learning, Master of Training and Development, MSC Skills and Employment in the Global Economy, Leadership and Organization, Develop and Evaluate Organizational Learning Culture, Bridging HRM and HRD Effort in the Organization. Do they go for briefings or training on Research Programme, do senior leaders attend Thought Leadership in Adult Learning. Do our professional trainers who know that technology is here adapt to new ways by attending modules such as Build a Learning App in a day or Designing an e-learning program, Design and Develop E-Learning Program, Facilitate E-Learning Program, Digital Story Telling, Coding, Building Websites, Learning WordPress, E-Learning awareness, E-Learning Course Reviews. We need these PMET Professionals, Managers, Executives and technicians who wonder into the world of training and learning to take on new challenges. Look at serious games for learning. Its not just game play anymore. We need to understand online instructional design and online instructional design programs. Learn about visual facilitation. If you are a self employed adult educator how does social media impact you. How do you keep your OP rights. How do you engage learning online or engage them with online services. Do you use an iPad? Do you summarize with mind mapping in facilitation and learning?

Do our HR or LND personnel attend HRM Workshop, Networks and Communities of Practices, Business Continuity Management, Management of Change, Basic Industrial Relations for Workforce Development, Conduct Organizational Competency Map? Do they know about Setting KPIs for Senior Management, Conduct Program Planning, Evaluation of Programmes, Review Standard Curriculum Standard Assessment Plans and see if these are applicable to the company? Do they understand the business of HRD or the use of coaching tools and techniques that can be applied to HRD? How about developing Workbased Learning Programs. Its not just the guy with the ACTA or DACE cert. This is your company and you need to understand how to set and measure performances and look at behaviour indicators. You need to develop a learning management system. You need to do resource management.

As a new trainer facilitators we need to develop rich learning resources normally with time but yet sometimes we need to do it in a day. Also we need to start developing our personal and professional effectiveness. Now some of the buzz words are action learning, using emotion and behaviour, harness our power, using instructional system technology, visual note taking. However lets remember, its always about the learning or in the case of companies- employees who need the skills to do their work. No fancy workplace literacy workshops or WPLN fundamental workshops or consultant tool kits. Just knowing that the employee is engaged to do specific work.

As training managers and training administrators in the Learning departments they need to understand copyright and confidential information, how to use the Skillsconnect administration tools, create tools to analyse training and impact measurements, examine the course curriculum, training assessment guides, trainer guides, look at WDA WSQ Credit Exemptions, conduct training mapping. They may be WDA approved ATOs and run internal or external course and thus be exposed to CIR and need to prepare for the CIR.

Are our CET able to do research into capability of our learners or are they just doing workshops for WSQ to show that we have so many people with certificates but they are not able to do their tasks? We need to engage in continuous learning, continuous training and engage our workforce

In the end we need better Adult Educators- people with the Cert IV in Training and Assessment may make better trainers facilitators and assessors. The system is tried and tested for years.